SAMAB’s 22nd Annual Conference Announcement and Call for Papers

SAMAB’s 22nd Annual Conference Announcement and Call for Papers

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SAMAB’s 22nd Annual Conference


Vitality of the Southern Appalachians
North Carolina Arboretum
 Asheville, NC
November 15-16, 2012


and Call for Presentations and Posters



The Southern Appalachian Man and the Biosphere (SAMAB) will host a conference on the vitality of the Southern Appalachians.  Our goal is to present indicators of performance that can be used consistently across Southern Appalachia to support state and local government decisions that impact the natural, human, built, and economic vitality of the region. 


The 2012 SAMAB Conference will facilitate a conversation about the general vitality of the region with an overview of:

Natural, Human, Built & Economic Systems


From this we hope to provide a more comprehensive basis to:

*Protect our region’s abundant and unique natural resources

*Promote development and land use planning that accommodates healthy growth
*Preserve the heritage that defines our communities while strengthening public health
*Improve the region’s local economic activity and expand its influence


2012 SAMAB Fall Conference
Vitality of the Southern Appalachians
North Carolina Arboretum
Asheville, NC
November 15-16, 2012


Request For Presentations and Posters


The 2012 SAMAB Fall Conference will provide an opportunity for participants to use the groundwork laid by the WNC Vitality Index ( to examine the natural, human, built, and economic systems of the Southern Appalachians.  At this conference we will begin to explore the interconnectivity of these systems (future SAMAB conferences may build on the discussion and focus more deeply on the systems).  Presentations and posters may include:
1)  natural systems, defined as ecosystems and biodiversity;
2)  human systems, defined as public health, emergency management, social services, and schools;
3)  built systems, defined as buildings, roads, energy and water systems, and other critical infrastructure; and
4)  economic systems, defined as forestry, agriculture, high tech, and other industries.



Abstracts of presentations or posters should include the following information:


·Name & contact information
·Brief (150-300 word) description
·Primary system (e.g. Natural, Human, Built, Economic)
·For posters: please indicate poster style (hanging or table top), dimensions, and electricity needs


Deadline for submissions is Friday, August 31, 2012
Send abstracts to: Adam DeWitte (



For more information about SAMAB and the
2012 SAMAB Fall Conference please visit


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